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VRT Advanced

Course Details

LocationBarcelona, Spain
Date6th October 2013
TutorAliki Vythoulka

A new VRT Advanced (Vertical Reflexology Training) course will be starting on 6th October 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. Places are available to book now so if you are interested in taking part, please get in touch.

Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) is a powerful but brief reflexology technique that was discovered and developed by reflexologist Lynne Booth in the early 1990′s and is applied to the dorsal weight-bearing feet (or hands) and has been taught to over 7000 reflexologists internationally. VRT is ideally incorporated into a classical reflexology session at the beginning and end of a session without increasing the appointment time but is also used in shorter sessions and self-help.

VRT, also know as Vertical Reflexology, is versatile and can be used in semi-weight bearing positions on small children and babies, for palliative care and older people, for sports injuries, general treatments and in the workplace. The anatomical explanation for VRT’s efficacy is that the nerves on the passive feet are naturally de-sensitised but, when weight-bearing, these nerves become sensitised and appear to send a stronger healing impulse to an organ, gland, muscle or vertebra.

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To book VRT one day classes or for more information please visit the Vertical Reflexology website. All VRT workshops are accredited for CPD points.

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