International Institute of Reflexology (UK)

The Only School Licensed To Teach The Original Ingham Method of Reflexology

Units Explained

SessionUNIT ONE will give you all the background to Reflexology and the Requirements and Role of a Reflexologist in healthcare, with an introduction to Nutrition, Dermatology and Natural Health Philosophies.

Practically, you will begin to learn the reflex points on feet and hands and will work them. You will also practice relaxation techniques to benefit family and friends immediately you return home.

UNIT TWO teaches you about the Cells, Tissues and Organs of your body to enable you to follow the structure, function and disorders of the Digestive and Musculo-Skeletal Systems, particularly in relation to Reflexology.

Information with handouts on writing up Case Studies will get you started straight away with the 100 you will complete over the year.

UNIT THREE carries on to relate the Central Nervous, Respiratory and Urinary Systems to Reflexology with their structure, functions and disorders and the ways to work the relevant reflexes.

UNIT FOUR gives you understanding of the Theory and Practical working of the Reflexes to the Endocrine and Reproductive Systems.

Home Study Programmes, including case studies will be given at most Units.

UNIT FIVE will introduce you to Hand Reflexology as well as the structure, function and disorders of the Circulatory Systems : both Blood and Lymph

Models will be provided for you to give a Reflexology treatment and make a record as taught.

UNIT SIX will cover the Special Senses and their reflexes in the toes plus the Integumentary System which includes the skin, hair and nails.

A Theory and Practical Mock Examination will enable you to note your strong and weak areas of knowledge to aid your revision for the year.

UNIT SEVEN gives a brief look at setting up your business, marketing, practice management and the law.

Teaching about other Complementary Therapies and of local Support Services will give you information for your clients.

The value of Career Progression and Continuing Professional Development will conclude Course input.

There will be the IIR(UK) Theory and Practical Assessment for the IIR Diploma and your Case Study Portfolio will be completed.

EXAMINATION DAY will complete your IIR training in Reflexology recognised by the Association of Reflexologists. You will be eligible to use the letters IIR MAR after your name and you can be included on the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.