International Institute of Reflexology (UK)

The Only School Licensed To Teach The Original Ingham Method of Reflexology

Why the IIR?

IIR TrainingWhy settle for less than the best?

The IIR is the world’s leading authority on Reflexology. We are dedicated to upholding, presenting and practicing Reflexology in a professional manner. With age comes wisdom and knowledge and in our case, experience. For over 60 years we have been teaching the Original Ingham Method®. That’s 60 years of experience, growth, and change most importantly 60 years of successful results.

Our training courses include both the theoretical and practical applications of Reflexology which cannot be obtained from books and videos alone. These special techniques, when applied to the feet and hands, have a natural way of relieving nerve tension and improving nerve and blood supply.

No-one can top our research, our knowledge and our experience. Our courses review the original works of Eunice Ingham, “Stories the Feet Can Tell Thru' Reflexology” and “Stories the Feet Have Told Thru Reflexology” and the works of Dwight Byers, “Better Health with Foot Reflexology”, “Reflexology DVD/s I & II” and “Anatomy & Reflexology Helper Areas Study Guide”.

Our students come from all walks of life. Our courses are extremely popular with nurses and midwives; however we also have many students who want a total change of career. It is never too late to study Reflexology. This course is not full time, so many of our students choose to study alongside a full-time jobs and busy personal lives.

On successful completion of our course, you will be awarded with an International Institute of Reflexology Diploma certificate and you will be eligible to join as a full member of the Association of Reflexologists. Your IIR training is recognised by major insurance companies, the NHS and The Reflexology Forum. Graduates of the IIR, who join as full members of the Association of Reflexologists use the letters IIR, MAR after their names.