International Institute of Reflexology (UK)

The Only School Licensed To Teach The Original Ingham Method of Reflexology

IIR Reflexology Introduction Day

IIRThis new one day course is designed to give you an introduction to reflexology and the Original Ingham Method of Reflexology®. Introduction days are for anyone with an interest in reflexology without committing to the full diploma course or wishing to take it up as a career.

The days will be very informative, interesting and great fun. The knowledge gained on these day will enable you to help relax family and friends alongside being able to work some areas on the feet. They can also be used to transfer you on to a full Diploma course should you so wish.

Course Structure
The History of reflexology and it's origins
Definition of reflexology
The Do's of reflexology
The Don'ts of reflexology
Reflexology areas and how to find them
Practical work on the feet to get you started

Handouts, a file and A4 charts are all provided as part of the course fees. All refreshments are provided throughout the day.