International Institute of Reflexology (UK)

The Only School Licensed To Teach The Original Ingham Method of Reflexology

From Katie Leech

"Since qualifying seven months ago as an IIR Reflexologist, I wanted to share the experience of my year studying and subsequent leap into my own mobile business.

The decision to enter into the world of Complementary Therapy was made a little easier when my career ended as a Sales Manager. I had always been interested in this field and was introduced to Reflexology at a Health convention where a couple of Therapists were offering free taster sessions who had been through the IIR qualification.

I checked the web site and found the training was local to me at Wakefield, I had missed the first month but found Vicky, my Tutor to be most accommodating and allowed me to do the catch up and settle into the monthly tutorials.

The practical and theory combined was demanding, however, the support was exceptional. I can honestly say without the belief from the Tutors and their wealth of knowledge and experience, coupled with the fantastic group who had come together on the same course, the task for me would have been made more difficult, I will be forever grateful.

Since qualification, I have realised the regard the IIR course has within the field of Complementary Therapy, and would have no reservations in recommending the course, it is thorough, exposes skills that you would otherwise have missed, develops the intrigue of the wonders of A & P and how our body functions.

Developing the business side has been a challenge. The the leaflet drop did not amount to much and had hoped for a better percentage return from my case studies. I did however get a lucky break from a Reflexologist leaving my area who handed several clients to me, this has proved invaluable and subsequently I believe has saved a couple of years of marketing. Word of mouth has proved to be the best marketing tool there is and had I not been so lucky, would be continuing to offer free tasters at any opportunity.

The on-going training offered by the IIR is both professional and worth while allowing therapist at different stages of their experiences to join together
and share knowledge.

Finally, it goes without saying I do not regret one jot since my life changed, I am happy giving this wonderful treatment and grateful to those who have empowered me with the knowledge and confidence needed, to be successful."

Katie Leech