International Institute of Reflexology (UK)

The Only School Licensed To Teach The Original Ingham Method of Reflexology

Vicky Laws – National Director IIR UK

Training: IIR MAR, Advanced Reflexology Technique, Vertical Reflexology Technique, Precision Reflexology Technique Reiki Master, Indian Head Massage VTCT, C&G 7302 Teaching

Vicky is National Director for the IIR UK, a position held for the last 8 years after her predecessor Jennie Levick retired. Vicky teaches as Senior Educator and Facilitator both in the UK and internationally. She has set-up training in Trinidad where she continues to teach and assess at the Diploma level and at the Advanced level for qualified Reflexologists. Other venues in Europe are currently under development and will continue to grow.

Part of being a knowledgeable tutor is to continue working in the field and Vicky has maintained her own professional practice for the last 20 years. Working with clients from all walks of life and dealing with the varied conditions they may bring, from hours old to the last few hours of life and the privilege they all bring. Vicky continues to attend training and CPD seminars providing personal growth furthering her knowledge to benefit both clients and students.

The Original Ingham Method is close to Vicky's heart. Eunice Ingham persevered to get reflexology acknowledged and accepted, as did Dwight C Byers, Eunice's nephew. Vicky has worked incredibly hard to allow as many people as possible to experience the amazing benefits of the specialised techniques developed by Eunice and Dwight. Vicky has worked closely with Dwight over the last 20 years and James, Dwight's grandson, who is a reincarnation of Dwight!

Teaching these techniques is a passion of Vicky's to enable students to work professionally in a confident, competent manner without risking injury to their own joints and muscle structures. She is a hard taskmaster with the original techniques developed by Eunice and Dwight, ensuring that practitioners have a long and enjoyable career. Progression of the course and its continuous improvement is always high on the agenda.

Watching students develop through the training and onwards to graduation is so pleasurable. It is this that drives Vicky to help reflexologists achieve their goals within their profession and go on to further expert training in other fields of reflexology, or indeed, other therapies too.

Throughout her career, Vicky has attended seminar training with many of the top reflexology trainers in specialised fields, including Tony Porter, Lynne Booth, Jan Williamson, Suzanne Enzer, Sally Kay, Jenni Tribe and Hamish Edgar, all to acquire knowledge that will assist clients in their recovery to Better Health with Reflexology.

Vicky is blessed to have the support of her family in her mission to take reflexology far and wide, in the knowledge that they know, she actually enjoys her work she and has the freedom to pursue her passion.