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IIR Diploma in Reflexology – Sheffield

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Day 18th September 2012
Day 27th October 2012
Day 33rd November 2012
Day 424th November 2012
Day 55th January 2013
Day 66th January 2013
Day 72nd February 2013
Day 82nd March 2013
Day 93rd March 2013
Day 106th April 2013
Day 117th April 2013
Day 124th May 2013
Day 138th June 2013
Day 146th July 2013
Day 157th July 2013
Day 1610th August 2013
Day 1711th August 2013
Day 188th September 2013
TutorVicky Laws
VenueSheffield - Beighton Welfare Recreation Ground
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A new 1 year diploma course in reflexology will be starting in Sheffield and is scheduled to commence on the 8th September 2012. Places are available to book now.

Course materials include:
“Better health” book
“Stories the feet can tell” book
“Anatomy and Physiology” text book
Al foot chart
A4 foot charts
A4 handcharts

Eunice Ingham is the Mother of Reflexology and the Founder of the International Institute of Reflexology.

Reflexology training with the IIR UK is the only LICENSED way of achieving the very precise, accurate and effective techniques developed by Eunice and her nephew, Dwight C Byers, who has been President of the IIR for over 50 years. We are the world leading authority on the Ingham Method of Reflexology.

The IIR Diploma incorporates the City & Guilds Level 3 qualification to ensure you of not only International recognition but also of European recognition.

Our team of experienced tutors have direct links to Dwight Byers and take training with both Dwight and Vice President James Pederson, Dwight's grandson.

The IIR UK integrates all the required theory into the training to ensure you are a confident, competent and professional reflexologist on graduating.

Precision on techniques is paramount to being effective for clients. This is why clients will return to you and promote you to their friends and colleagues.

Course materials include:

  • International and European recognition
  • Reflexology for feet
  • Reflexology for hands
  • Fertility, Pregnancy and Post pregnancy reflexology
  • Palliative care
  • Cancer care
  • Children and reflexology
  • Anatomy and Physiology - all the body systems and how they work (Level 3 qualification)
  • Business and Marketing - setting up your successful practice( Level 3 qualification)
  • Nutrition - why it is important to clients health
  • Stress - 80% of all conditions can be related to stress, how it affects the body and how we can help

We have the only recognised, specific to reflexology, assessment in the UK and Internationally.

Included in the course fees:

  • Better Health by Dwight Byers
  • Stories... by Eunice Ingham
  • Practical DVD with Dwight Byers
  • A1 Foot Chart
  • A4 foot and Hand chart
  • Anatomy & Physiology book
  • IIR Student Badge
  • All hand outs with files

ALL refreshments are provided throughout the day. Lunch can be brought or bought locally to all venues.

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For full details and booking enquiries, please contact our head office on 0114 247 1725 or via the online contact form.