International Institute of Reflexology (UK)

The Only School Licensed To Teach The Original Ingham Method of Reflexology

Vicky Laws – National Director IIR UK

Training: IIR MAR, Advanced Reflexology Technique, Vertical Reflexology Technique, Precision Reflexology Technique Reiki Master, Indian Head Massage VTCT, C&G 7302 Teaching

Vicky has been with the IIR UK for over 15 years. 10 years as a tutor and the previous 3 years as National Director. Reflexology is Vicky's passion and the advancement of the therapy is a priority to her. she will continue teaching as well as managing the organisation along with her team of supporters who are as loyal to the IIR as she is.

Vicky has done many of the major advanced courses including ART, Vertical Reflexology, Precision Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology in some cases more than the required amount to ensure her capabilities are up to date. she has taught in Florida with Dwight and James (Pederson, grandson of Dwight) and is a close friend of both. Having such a close connection to Eunice Ingham brings great pride and satisfaction that she can convey to students and graduates alike.

vicky is very proud to be in such a position and holds the IIR UK very dear to her heart.