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Courses Currently Running

This page details the dates and venues of courses that are now in progress. Any updates or changes will be posted here.

IIR Diploma in Reflexology – Cardiff

Started 3rd September 2016 in Cardiff
Course Dates
Day 13rd September 2016
Day 21st October 2016
Day 35th November 2016
Day 43rd December 2016
Day 521st January 2017
Day 618th February 2017
Day 718th March 2017
Day 822nd April 2017
Day 927th May 2017
Day 1017th June 2017
Day 1115th July 2017
Day 1216th July 2017
Day 1312th August 2017
Day 1413th August 2017
Day 159th September 2017
Day 1630th September 2017
Gina Hodge
Course Venue

Premier Inn Hotel
Cardiff North
Pentwyn Road
CF23 7XH

IIR Diploma in Reflexology – Bristol

Started 19th November 2016 in Bristol
Course Dates
Day 119th November 2016
Day 217th December 2016
Day 314th January 2017
Day 411th February 2017
Day 511th March 2017
Day 615th April 2017
Day 713th May 2017
Day 810th June 2017
Day 98th July 2017
Day 109th July 2017
Day 115th August 2017
Day 126th August 2017
Day 132nd September 2017
Day 1423rd September 2017
Gina Hodge
Course Venue

Premier Inn Hotel
Cribbs Causeway
BS10 7TQ

IIR Diploma in Reflexology – Edinburgh

Started 26th November 2016 in Edinburgh
Course Dates
Day 126th November 2016
Day 227th November 2016
Day 321st January 2017
Day 422nd January 2017
Day 518th February 2017
Day 619th February 2017
Day 722nd April 2017
Day 823rd April 2017
Day 927th May 2017
Day 1028th May 2017
Day 1115th July 2017
Day 1216th July 2017
Day 139th September 2017
Day 1410th September 2017
Day 1521st October 2017
Day 1622nd October 2017
Vicky Laws
Course Venue

Wardie Residents Club
125 Granton Road

IIR Diploma in Reflexology – Kent

Started 26th February 2017 in Kent
Course Dates
Day 126th February 2017
Day 226th March 2017
Day 329th April 2017
Day 430th April 2017
Day 527th May 2017
Day 628th May 2017
Day 729th July 2017
Day 830th July 2017
Day 916th September 2017
Day 1017th September 2017
Day 1121st October 2017
Day 1222nd October 2017
Day 1318th November 2017
Day 1419th November 2017
Day 1527th January 2018
Day 1628th January 2018
Janice Figgest
Course Venue

Clout House
West Malling
ME19 6QH